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EP Review: Rise Against - 'Nowhere Generation II'

Updated: May 3, 2023

Today, Rise Against surprised with the release of Nowhere Generation II- a follow up to 2021’s Nowhere Generation. While Nowhere Generation had favorable reviews it was the first album for the band since Appeal to Reason to not make the Billboard Top 10. It had all the angst and the political voice of older albums but the sound just didn’t hit you in the face as fans were used to. Something was missing. That something was Nowhere Generation II.

While only a 5 track EP, Nowhere Generation II brings the heat with loud vocals, heavy percussion and screaming guitars, We got a taste of this EP just days ago with the release of “Last Man Standing” where we’re left with the promise “I’ll be the last man standing here for you”. A Promise Rise Against has kept since their first album release in 2003 and continue to keep the fires burning in our hearts.

"This Time it’s Personal” might be the best track since “Satellite” from 2011”s Endgame. The track is an anti war statement and has powerful lyrics beginning to end. It conveys a sense of frustration for the turmoil going on across the globe and the feeling of helplessness in not being able to help people caught in these war driven political struggles. A line from the song goes as such:

“Your flags all look the same to

All I wanted was a chance to know your name

But helplessly I stood there while the world took you away”

While some fans have already taken to social media about being bummed this isn’t a full album release and scrutinizing the title, Nowhere Generation II comes as a great companion piece to its predecessor and easily fits in Rise Against’s discography.

Rating - 4.5/5

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