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EP Review: MISSIO - 'I Am High'

MISSIO continue their buildup of emotional EP's (the first being this year's I Am Sad). Now we have I Am High, a six-song EP full of good vibes to move to. Particularly with songs like the single "Easy".

Though it is important to note the high notes of this EP also represent escapism from the troubles that come with I Am Sad. MISSIO continues their trend of finding rising stars to collaborate with on their tracks. The first collaboration is with DEADFOOT on "Thang Thang". The track is a hip-hop inspired electronic dance-esque track that has a hell of a beat that begs to be danced to.

"Big Stacks" features Jelani Blackman on the track. The verse that's laid by Blackman is absolutely killer. Bruhl of MISSIO handles the mic well himself, but it's great to see them experimenting with this type of sound. Our absolute favorite track on the EP was "I'm Coming Home". This mellow mix of sound takes us to a place we want to go when we're escaping the problems of our lives. That's not often found in music today.

I Am High is just a continuation of what MISSIO does best, great hooks, heavy beats, solid collaboration on tracks, just a great mix. If you love MISSIO, you're going to love this EP. If you are new to MISSIO's sound, this is them at their best, all in a bite sized bit of six tracks.

Rating - 5/5

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