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EP Review: MISSIO - 'I Am Awesome'

Genre-bending, Austin, TX based duo MISSIO are back with their latest release in their EP series based on human emotions I Am Awesome! This latest release drops this Friday, December 8, 2023. It captures the band at an extremely busy point in their career where they're not only releasing this music, but also doing a limited run of acoustic live sessiosn where they're finding new ways of connecting to the audience.

I Am Awesome finds duo Matthew Brue and David Butler channel different emotions into flashes of sonic light. On this EP they embrace lighter tones than they have on their past releases. Both Brue and Butler have increasingly become advocates for mental health both in their music and online, often engaging with their fans on a personal level and helping them cope with problems that come their way. Simply put, MISSIO is not your average band.

Consequently, this EP seems to be the cherry on top of a beautiful exploration of human emotions with their previous releases, I Am High and I Am Sad. Perhaps the crowning achievement (for us at least) on this release is "Goodbye to the Old Me", an anthemic track that empowers the listener no matter what their journey into a position of self-belief.

MISSIO continue to buck tradition in a music industry that continues to put artists in cages. MISSIO are doing what they want and making genuine connections with their fans, the MISSIO Mafia. We're sure the fans will love this one, we did.

Rating - 5/5

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