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EP Review - Funeral Lakes: 'Redeemer'

EP Review - Funeral Lakes: Redeemer (August 20, 2021)

Kingston, Ontario based group Funeral Lakes have made a statement with their new EP Redeemer. They have firmly put their foot out into the indie world. Reedemer features understated vocals and harmonies that carry perfectly in an almost ethereal manner over melodies that are reminiscent at times of indie of the Pacific Northwest.

The four-track EP moves almost like a ghost, slowly slipping into a moment and then leaving as fast as it came. The impact it leaves behind is great, in this sense not fear, but rather joy of having experienced it. Perfectly measured for morning listening accompanied by coffee on a rainy day, Redeemer should find its way into your regular rotation. It's a strong effort from the Canadian duo of Chris Hemer (he/him) and Sam Mishos (she/her).

Rating - 5/5

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