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Confessional with Bad Saint - 3/23/2020

It's Monday and that means it's time for Confessional with Bad Saint! Every week Bad Saint will be taking your musical questions, confessions, and/or settling your debates. We have a great batch of questions this week from the public. If you would like to submit a question for Bad Saint, send an email to With that, let's get to your questions!

1. Any funny stories from the stage? -Lindsay from Phoenix

So many. I fall down a lot…. But my favorite is that in the background of one of our live recordings of Porchlight Cigarettes at the Tractor Tavern my bandmates were caught passing around a platter of miniature cinnamon rolls in the middle of a ~meaningful moment~. Another good one from a Skates! show was when a massive boa constrictor and his human were the only ones watching our outdoor set and NO ONE ELSE NOTICED. 2. Who are your favorite people to share the stage with? -Courtney from Madison My bandmates! Manny Siguenza, in particular, has been playing drums with Bad Saint for a while now and we’ve played so many weird spaces that we know how to roll with almost anything. Grif Benzel is also the most high energy bassist ever and I love looking over and seeing him bounce off the ceiling. 3. Who do you believe is the next alt star on the rise? -Sam from Ann Arbor 

Lauren Ruth Ward!! I’m obsessed. If she ever reads this PLEASE TAKE BAD SAINT ON TOUR WITH YOU.  I LOVE YOU it's NOT WEIRD 4. Do you have a favorite record label? -Jaclyn from Louisville lol. I feel like all the best music comes from our of left-field. To be honest, I think record labels are some of the worst curators of the “next big things” because they’re using past information and personal bias to make calls on who to sign, versus embracing what’s new and changing the way sites like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Bandcamp can… But as a teenager, I was obsessed with anything on Fueled By Ramen, which probably explains a lot.   5. What can we look forward to from Bad Saint in 2020? -Taylor from Eugene  Lots of singles and new videos! The corona quarantine has given me some time to hang out with my acoustic guitar more so expect a few sweet love songs too. We’re also confirmed to play some rad festivals we should be announcing in the next few months.

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