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Concert Review - Joe Samba & Joey Harkum

(Photo Credit: Nadia Tolar)

Last week I went to see Joey Harkum from Maryland supporting Joe Samba on his tour, They made a stop in Columbus Ohio at Woodlands Tavern on December, 7th.

Watching Harkum and Co. was truly an amazing experience. They exuded positivty and happiness through their set. They played songs that ranged in motion from joy to sadness. It was incredible to sit and watch someone do what they genuinly love doing. Harkum and Co. brought a calming presence as they set the stage for Samba. 

Next up, Joe Samba from Massachusetts fed off the energy from the crowd at the venue. The reggae band had a calm, collected, but energetic set. Joe and his band all coexisted with smooth vibes that brought an ease to the crowd. 

Playing a total of 16 songs, Samba and Co. did not disappoint . Samba and his band continuously kept the positivity flowing to an eager audience.

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