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Concert Review: Beach Fossils & Turnover - Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH

(Photo Credit: Nadia Tolar)

November 16, 2023 at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio, it went down. We had the opportunity to cover Beach Fossil's acclaimed Bunny Record Release Tour. The bill also included alternative veterans Turnover who hail from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Kicking off the show was Turnover, who showcased their signature indie-dream pop sound with tracks like "Stone Station". They carried this sound sound and an upbeat but calm vibe throughout the next 11 tracks they gave the crowd.

The main event was next with New York City's own Beach Fossils storming the stage and opening the set with "Don’t Fade Away“. This was the first track they played from Bunny, their new album that was released June, 2nd. Beach Fossil's set included 17 songs overall, with three tracks for their encore. The group maintained high energy throughout the show, there was not one dull moment. The Newport Music Hall was packed to the brim at the nearly sold out show. The crowd matched the high energy of the artists and there wasn't a lull throughout the show.

This show was electric, whether it was the performance or simply the crowd itself.

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