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Born or Made: An Interview with Forrest Isn't Dead

Updated: May 3, 2023

We had an opportunity to interview up and coming alt act, Forrest Isn't Dead about their upcoming album 'The End of Everything' that drops Friday!

1. The End of Everything is an alt-pop album that is full of jams full of introspection and self-reflection, which has seeds in past trauma that you've spoken of in press releases. Can you give us a little insight into the songwriting process that went into making this record?

"This record was really figuring out what we wanted to do, what we sounded like, and the brand. Everyone in the band is a producer. Vocals, I like to just go into the booth and just say what comes to my mind. A lot of the songs were just free flowing thoughts into the mic. There were times we would just do one time takes with no retake."

2. You effortlessly blend alt, pop, and rock into a unique sound that has one foot in music of the past and a very fresh sound. Can you speak a little to where your signature sound comes from?

"Some of my biggest inspirations are The Cure, My Chemical Romance, Prince, and Gorillaz. We have the alt pop of the Gorillaz and the whimsical part of The Cure and the punk elements of My Chemical Romance. We really like to just start the song and see where it goes. So it kind of flows genre wise."

3. What was your favorite aspect of the recording/production process of making The End of Everything?

"The whole thing, there's not a part I don't like. The whole band engineers as well. Making a song is like putting a puzzle together to me. You just keep working at it until the pieces fit together."

4. What are you most looking forward to about getting The End of Everything out there into the world?

"We were going to put it out earlier, but COVID happened. Part of me wanting to get it out is the waiting process. But we're just very proud of what we've made. Like you said, I write about my experiences with trauma so I just hope people can relate and take something away from it.

5. What's next for Forrest Isn't Dead?

"Getting the album out. We have a tour with a band called Tails. Then next year we're looking at a more extensive tour. We're already working on a second album, and it's like our current songs times ten."

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