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Album Review: The Wrecks - 'Sonder'

Updated: May 3, 2023

The Wrecks are back with their newest release Sonder. From the beginning of the album, frontman and songwriter Nick Anderson and Co. set the tone for what I expected to be an alt rock album chock full of sugary sweet hooks. Boy was I wrong. This album bends genre at its will. There were moments I was reminded of light poppy music such as Maroon Five ("Lone Survivor" and "No Place I'd Rather Be"), there were other moments I thought of Silverstein ("I Love this Part" and "Sonder"). This wasn't a bad thing, but it does certainly give the listener an interesting experience.

Much of the themes on Sonder were brought on by a breakup in Anderson's personal life and it shows. There are songs on Sonder that rip your heart out as Anderson puts it all on the line. There are other tracks where you can feel Anderson's frustration and anger as it's palpability oozes through the track. Musically, there are some interesting melodies and choices on this album that makes it stand apart from traditional alt music, especially on tracks like "Unholy". There is also a wonderful collaboration with girlhouse on the record called "Where Are You Now" that is can't miss. Also, there are a lot of plus guitar licks on this album that are worthy of recognition, particularly in "Unrequited".

If you're looking for an album that teeters the edge between alt rock, pop, and emo, look no further than Sonder. While it may sound like an odd combination at first, it really does work. Musically and thematically it just works. Though sometimes the lyrics were predictable, they were all smart choices that didn't make me scratch my head. I think that The Wrecks are about to drop another record that should continue them upon the path of crossover success.

Rating - 4/5

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