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Album Review: The Murlocs - 'Calm Ya Farm'

Melbourne's own The Murlocs are back with their latest studio release Calm Ya Farm. The band brings their signature blend of psych-punk stylings with country-rock aesthetics to this release in a way that makes you want to get up and move. "Common Sense Civilian" had us instantly hooked, especially with it's use of harmonica. The band noted via press release that they tried to play clean on this release and strip away distortion. We would say they've done a great job with this as the arrangements come through clean and composed.

The band also noted that this release was more collaborative than those in the past and as a result the the melodies and arrangements are more sophisticated than their past work. The album is clean, eccentric, and paced well. The album thematically touches on a wide array of topics including political discourse and conspiracy theories.

We are a fan of this release and can say that it feels right at home being released on ATO records tomorrow. For those that haven't heard of The Murlocs, this is a great place to jump in. We'd highly recommend.

Rating - 4/5

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