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Album Review - The Mammoths: 'Lonely Roller'

(Photo Credit - Kate Blaising)

Album Review - The Mammoths: Lonely Roller (August 13, 2021)

Austin, Texas' own The Mammoths are back with their much anticipated debut LP Lonely Roller. The four-piece made up of David Kapsner (lead vocals/guitar/piano), Michael Jekot (lead guitar/vocals), Tyler Rush (bass/vocals), and Tim Durand (drums/vocals) known for their raucous live shows (having experienced three of them, I can attest to this) and having spent much of pre-COVID touring, it's exciting to see the guys get to drop this release.

The Mammoths have a unique blend of blues, psychedelia, and rock that is infectious, and it continues on Lonely Roller. Distortion driven guitar from Kapsner and Jekot and heavy bass from Rush will thump in your chest on this one. But let's not forget the bone crunching drumming of Duran that is the cherry on top of these booming melodies.

The Mammoths have a signature vocal harmony style that I frankly haven't seen since The Eagles. They place an emphasis on it, everyone sings, they're all great at it, and they work together perfectly in harmony. It's also something that's completely different from anything else out there. I love that the band still adds these harmonies throughout the album, and yes they can achieve them live. Clocking in at nine tracks, Lonely Roller is hard hitting and begs to be listened to all the way through. Me, I'm just hoping they drop this bad boy on vinyl, because you know I'm going to get one.

Rating - 5/5

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