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Album Review: The Gaslight Anthem - 'History Books'

The Gaslight Anthem are back with their first album in nine years! It's titled History Books, and features the bands soulful punk tinged style, with just a touch of Springsteen. And speaking of Springsteen, the Boss makes an appearance on the album the title track of the album. The album represents the band's first release from their own Rich Mahogany Records (which is distributed by Thirty Tigers).

History Books finds The Gaslight Anthem in familiar territory with tracks that you ultimately want to scream along to with lead singer/guitarist Brian Fallon. The Gaslight Anthem have a way of producing an every person's working rock. It gets you motivated to do the shit you don't want to do. The same can be said about their work on History Books. What is also interesting is the album features some great guitar work, perhaps none better than the solo on the track "Autumn"

With History Books, The Gaslight Anthem have reestablished themselves at the forefront of the rock/punk movement. That being said, what we've always love about this band is that there's always something that's a little classic to their sound. They haven't lost that here as it's clear as day. It's also fun to see them leaning into their comparisons to Springsteen by featuring him on the album. All in all this album is a winner and another good entry into a strong year of releases.

Rating - 4.5/5

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