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Album Review - The Beths: 'Auckland, New Zealand, 2020'

(Photo Credit - Amanda Cheng)

Album Review - The Beths: Auckland, New Zealand, 2020 (September 17, 2021)

The Beths new live album from a 2020 show at the Auckland Town Hall in Auckland, New Zealand seems to capture something that is impossible, live music during lockdown. The eager spirit of this impossibility is captured from those on hand and very much speaks to the listener on this live release. The Beths jump right in with electric energy that ignites the crowd right from the top with "I'm Not Getting Excited" and doesn't let go. This type of gathering was only possible at the time in select places such as New Zealand, so the context of The Beths hometown live show cannot be ignored.

The Beths keep the energy up throughout the fast-paced rock show. Fresh off their sophomore release Jump Rope Gazers, the band was supposed to be doing more broad touring, but the pandemic limited this. What we got is a dynamic show from the band's hometown in which the audience reaches a fever pitch of emotion, especially on The Beths mega-hit "Future Me Hates Me".

Auckland, New Zealand, 2020 is a winner for a band that is already climbing in the alt scene, and deservedly so. It perfectly captures the band's witty charm through onstage banter and stage presence. The emotional connection between band and audience is palpable and perfectly captured on this live album. This album is must listen for fans of the band and for those that aren't familiar but love music that moves them. Rating - 5/5

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