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Album Review - Swerve: 'Ruin Your Day'

(Photo Credit - Mallory Turner)

Album Review - Swerve: Ruin Your Day (August 13, 2021)

Los Angeles based four-piece Swerve arrive on August 13 with their debut LP Ruin Your Day. The band has two previously released EPs to their name that are worth your time as well. But we're excited for this debut from Swerve as they've steadily built a base in LA for their music.

After a long and arduous road to get to Ruin Your Day that included a restart and recruiting a new producer, Swerve are here. Lead singer and guitarist Gregory Mahdesian composed songs from 2018-2020 and he arrived at an eclectic mix of themes for the album. With themes ranging from politically minded love songs such as "Bush v. Gore" to the more solemn themed "Disassociate" and "Do You Want to Give In?", there's a little something for everyone.

With Ruin Your Day that the band has pushed into uncharted territory. If you're looking for rock with an edge, look no further than Swerve. No this isn't metal or anything like it, rather it's badass rock in the truest sense of the notion. Hyper melodic, great guitars, and powerful rhythms encapsulate the listener throughout Ruin Your Day. If you're a fan of rock, you're not going to want to miss this one.

Rating - 4/5

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