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Album Review: Sooner - 'Days and Nights'

Updated: May 4, 2023

Brooklyn/NYC based four-piece Sooner are here with their debut Days and Nights dropping on Good Eye Records this Friday, and they brought it. Their genre bending style is something unique and well formulated that Days and Nights sounds like it can't possibly be this band's debut, yet here we are. Their sound features a mix of alternative, synth pop, and shoegaze that is highly listenable.

The band was started in 2016 by guitarist John Farris and drummer Tom Wolfson, who then brought vocalist Federica Tasano and bassist Andrew Possehl to the group as well. Rhythmically, the lays thick guitar and bass along with bright synths and powerful drums. This is all accompanied by Tasano's vocals which pop off each track, floating above the rhythm like a fog above a lake on an early morning. Their sound is able to capture the intentionality of past alternative acts like The Cure and The Cranberries as well as evoke reminders to current indie artists such as Japanese Breakfast.

If you're looking for a band on the rise that will liven up your music rotation, Sooner are it. Each track runs slick and is well produced. It's music that I could easily jam to in my car on a long night ride or sitting in my living room with my records. What stands above all is that Sooner as a collective grab your attention at the start and don't let go.

Rating - 4.5/5

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