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Album Review: Soccer Mommy - 'Sometimes, Forever'

Updated: May 3, 2023

Soccer Mommy (Sophie Allison) is back with her fourth album Sometimes, Forever and this might just be her best yet. The twenty-four year old singer songwriter has already cemented herself as one of alt's best with her release of Clean and color theory. We've repeatedly praised her for her songwriting, which she continues to develop on Sometimes, Forever. However, we'd like to shift gears first.

Where Sometimes, Forever really shows a growth for the native Nashville resident Allison is through her development musically. Long known for her abilities with guitar, this album builds upon that to include some poignant synth work that stretches her both as an artist and her genre selections. You can find this most notably on the moody track "Darkness Forever", near the end of the track. "Darkness Forever" itself also mixes things up a bit with Allison's guitar stylings. On this track we hear much more gritty and distorted guitar work than what we're used to hearing on her prior work.

With Sometimes, Forever we see Allison at the height of her creativity, but someone who is also skeptical. In a press release she stated: "I hate so many parts of the music industry, but I also want success...And not just success — perfection. I want to make things that are flawless, that perfectly encapsulate what I'm thinking and feeling. It’s an unachievable goal that keeps you constantly chasing it”. While I can't say that I've seen perfection on any album that's ever been made. You can tell with this one Allison was shooting for the stars with this one, and she scored. Sometimes, Forever is Alt Revue Approved new music that you simply got to get your hands on and I mean like, the minute it drops.

Rating - 5/5

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