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Album Review: Sir Chloe - 'I Am The Dog'

Sir Chloe, the project of singer/songwriter and guitarist Dana Foote is set to release their debut LP I Am The Dog via Atlantic Records on May 19. Sir Chloe came together as Foote's senior thesis in college. The group has had immediate impact with hits such as "Michelle" and "Animal" already so we've definitely waiting for their full-length debut.

I Am The Dog centers around finding control among the chaos, but ultimately preferring the chaos. Foote's lyrics cut deep throughout showing her prowess as a songwriter. Musically, the collective of Foote and fellow bandmates Emma Welch, Teddy O'Mara, Palmer Foote and Austin Holmes blend an alt sound, with angst, indie, and surf into something truly unique. There's something unusually throwback for them in that they remind us of the beloved sounds of the 90's but they aren't dated by any means.

Foote and co. will be opening for Beck and Phoenix this year, in addition to past gigs touring with Portugal. The Man, alt-J, and The Pixies. So needless to say, the word is getting out there about Sir Chloe. When we first heard them on their 2020 EP Party Favors, we had a feel there was something special to this group. I Am The Dog just further solidifies that feeling for us.

Rating - 5/5

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