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Album Review - Shortly: 'Dancer'

Album Review - Shortly: Dancer (September 24, 2021)

Shortly (aka Alexandria Maniak) will release their debut album – Dancer – on September 24th via Triple Crown Records. While previous work released from Shortly tackled topics of self and faith, humanity and higher power, this new material has turned what was once a war of issues into a freeing exultation. So thematically, Maniak provides plenty to chew on in Dancer.

Sonically, Shortly provides an indie/rock landscape to explore. Some of which reminds of bands such as Nada Surf, with a little more bite. The album absolutely explodes with introductory tracks "The Lightness" and "Now Now Now". Shortly also proves they can slow it down with tracks like "Dancer", "Perpetually Blue" and "Song for Sam".

Overall, Maniak and co. have a versatile sound that fills a much needed space on the indie landscape. It's indie with flares of rock and distortion. They are able to wind these efforts seamlessly into something that is unique and highly listenable. We're looking forward to this one dropping this Friday.

Rating - 4/5

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