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Album Review: Shakey Graves - 'Movie of the Week'

In late 2018, some friends of Alejandro Rose-Garcia AKA Shakey Graves were making a film. It was decided mutually that Shakey Graves would make some music to accompany the film. But when it turned out they had different visions, Shakey came away excited with what he had on his hands. Shakey saw the ensuing work as more of a project than an album.

The release features the absolutely dynamic duet "Ready or Not" with the fantastic Sierra Ferrell. To say that Shakey does duets well would be an understatement, especially after his work with Esmé Patterson on And the War Came. For more information on Shakey's thoughts about this, read out interview with him here.

When Shakey and co. went into the studio, he began to treat the music he was making as a soundtrack to a film he was developing in his imagination. Shakey has gone through a number of evolutions since starting in the music industry, first working as a solo musician and later adding a backing band. That evolution continues on Movie of the Week. Shakey and Co. keep you gripped to your seat, especially on songs like "Big in the World" that feature movements to them with high peaks and tender valleys.

With this effort, Shakey Graves seems to be doing something that is methodically and sonically different than anything he's ever done. That's not to say it's out of bounds, because this is clearly Shakey Graves music. But he's not afraid to take chances and they pay off big here. Movie of the Week is another solid release from the rising star who just keeps coming. We're here for it and we hope you are too! Rating - 5/5

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