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Album Review - Sam Fender: 'Seventeen (Going Under)'

(Photo Credit - Jack Whitefield)

Album Review - Sam Fender: Seventeen (Going Under) (October 8, 2021)

Tomorrow English singer/songwriter Sam Fender drops his follow-up to Hypersonic Missiles, less than two years after the release of that stunning debut LP. Seventeen (Going Under) like many other recent artist releases was developed in the shadow of the COVID-19 shutdown and he took a more introspective approach to this album. Via press release, Fender said “I didn’t have anyone to write about. I’ve always relied on that stuff. On hearsay, rumours, stories, gossip… gossip made mankind...I didn’t want to write about Covid because fucking no one is ever going to want to hear about that ever again, so this time I went inwards.”

Right from the first two tracks of the album, ("Seventeen Going Under" and "Getting Started") we're hit bit catchy hooks and glistening melodies that instantly draw you in almost in a Brandon Flowers vein. That's not to say all the tracks are high flying, on "Get You Down", Fender looks inward at failed relationships. Though it's important to note, just because the track deals with dour subject matter doesn't mean you can't dance to it. No review of this album would be complete without mentioning the album's landing track "The Dying Light". A massive piano laden track that musically hits with the weight of an Elton John-esque melody and high sailing vocals that again evoke comps to The Killers.

Fender has put together a great album with Seventeen (Going Under). He deals with issues of introspection, politics, self-love, and acceptance. That's a lot for any 27 year old to tackle in only 11 tracks. But it just goes to show the songwriting ability that Fender possesses. While he's already an emerging giant in the indie scene, one can only imagine that Seventeen (Going Under) will take him to new heights.

Rating - 5/5

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