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Album Review - Palm Ghosts: 'The Lost Frequency'

Updated: May 11, 2023

Album Review - Palm Ghosts: The Lost Frequency

Nashville, TN's Palm Ghosts just dropped their new album The Lost Frequency. Their signature sound blends moody post punk and dream pop together in a way that is a call back to legends such as The Cure, Joy Division, and Echo and the Bunnymen. Their follow-up to Lifeboat Candidate, the band has developed a steady release of music since 2014 that includes The Lost Frequency as their fifth LP.

Whimsical and playful lyrically, the band toys with juxtaposing themes of confrontation and calm. What emerges is a sound that has one foot firmly planted in the arena of their predecessors, while the other evokes modern imagery and exposes today's topics. Yes, you can listen to The Lost Frequency as a nostalgia trip with an ear thinking about some of the bands in the past. However, to do solely that does the Tennessee four-piece a great disservice. While their not shy about their roots, they also are making music for the now. And we love it. If we had to go with a favorite track on the album, it would undoubtedly be John Carpenter, named after the film and music legend behind some of the greatest music in cinematic history (see Halloween, The Thing, The Fog, and more). The track feels like a fever dream dressed Carpenter-esque synth work. It's truly a peak on this LP.

Rating - 4/5

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