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Album Review - Pageants: 'Sun and Settled Days'

(Photo Credit - Danikha Nunez)

Album Review - Pageants: Sun and Settled Days (July 30, 2021)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Pageants’ new album Sun and Settled Days. I didn’t really know if the Long Beach sound would translate to my significantly less sunny home, but the duo have created an album that’s easy and fun to listen to with a few surprises for the casual listener

Opening track "Just Tell Me" has a very ‘90s Britpop sound to it as well as fulfilling the promised beachy sound. "All Bets Aside" has a vocal that seems to have come straight out of a children’s TV show but what could become annoying is actually catchy and joyful. "It Might be Crazy" has a surprisingly rocky start, pleasantly reminiscent of Elastica. "Where Did the Time Go" feels a bit country for my taste, but it retains the upbeat swagger that has been the hallmark of all the tracks on the album so far.

"No, Not Okay" continues the floaty vibe with the hint of sadness that you would expect from the title, it’s the standout track up to this point. "Please Hurry" has a jaunty sound that raises the tempo at just the right time. Worse slows things down again though and it feels ponderous.

"Getting Real" is another song that has a rockier feel to it with strong guitar and drums and it’s a big improvement. "Stars" is acoustic and takes the tempo right back down, but it has a really beautiful, ethereal air to it, with cool use of reverb, It’s probably my favourite song.

I enjoyed the album but felt that the overarching sound made the tracks blend together so much as to make some of them forgettable. While I can’t say it made me excited, it would make great background music for a summer road trip and I think the soundscape that the band have created has the potential to grow on you with repeated listens on languid summer days.

Highlights: "It Might Be Crazy", "No Not Ok", "Stars"

Rating - 3/5

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