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Album Review: Oliver Future - 'A Year at Home'

Updated: May 4, 2023

Oliver Future's new album A Year at Home is something truly to behold. It holds tight bits of nostalgia for me. It's opening track "Phases of the Moon" feels like it was plucked from the psychedelic influences of Pink Floyd (especially Dark Side of the Moon). There are also tinges of Bowie, as are shown on "Flattened". However, that's not to say that Oliver Future is simply a nostalgia trip, no they just hold a certain aura about them that is positively noteworthy.

A Year at Home is a psychedelic powerhouse that you'll certainly want to check out if that sound is in your wheelhouse. Well worth the listen, there's lots of great heady instrumental sections on the album that fill out the space nicely. Clocking in at nine tracks long, Oliver Future definitely left me wanting more.

Rating - 4/5

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