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Album Review - Mat Kearney: 'January Flower'

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Album Review - Mat Kearney: January Flower (May 21, 2021)

Multi-platinum artist Mat Kearney returns with his sixth studio album, January Flower. He deems it a return to form of his characteristic singer-songwriter work, a reincarnation of Nothing Left to Lose (2006) where he first found fame.

In the most recent press release about the album, “Pontiac” dropped along with a music video, as well as Kearney explaining his experience that led to the fruition of January Flower.

“It was about what kind of music I really wanted to hear right now. It was about digging down and finding the innocence that comes with wanting to make music solely for the love and passion of doing it. I wanted to stay true to that voice,” Kearney says. “I needed to be emotionally brave. And by doing that, I get to lead people into their own vulnerability. That’s one of the gifts I want to bring to my music. Music can give you freedom and life, and I hope to lead people through their own inner world as I delve into my own.”

All of the singles released for the album were released with music videos, all of them unique and entertaining but mainly show the excitement and enthusiasm Kearney had during the writing process and creation of this album. The most unique of them is “Powerless”. While Mat sings of his experience in Joshua Tree where the first recording session for the album occurred, there’s a scrolling story that plays along with the music video detailing special aspects of their time there.

While January Flower takes Kearney back to old methods of writing, it seems to fall short of the rawness of early stuff and has that overproduced feel that was noted on 2018’s CRAZYTALK. It may leave listeners unenthused but tried and true Kearney will find joy in the fact that one of their favorite artists is back in that place where he’s happy about making music again.

Rating - 3.5/5

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