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Album Review: Marika Hackman - 'Big Sigh'

Marika Hackman is back with her newest release Big Sigh which drops everywhere this Friday. This latest LP was a major lift creatively for the English singer/songwriter. Hackman called Big Sigh the hardest album she's had to write and represents the artist's first LP in five years.

Well, we can say that Hackman's efforts have been well worth the wait. What we have in Big Sigh is a emotionally riveting album full of themes centering on embracing one's queer identity, dealing with anxiety, and coming to terms with a near death experience of year's past. Her sonic landscapes are sparse but rich at the same time. Hackman played every instrument on the album (save the strings) and even tried her hand at production work as well.

We absolutely love this one. Perhaps it's crowning achievement is near the end of the record on the wonderfully titled "Please Don't Be So Kind". In what's a gut wrenching performance from the singer/songwriter, we found ourselves absolutely moved by this one. So while this is definitely an endorsement of that track, don't skip to the end. You'll lose all the goodness and effort that Hackman puts forward in the intro and middle.

Rating - 4/5

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