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Album Review: Maggie Rogers - 'Surrender'

Updated: May 3, 2023

One of alt-pop's brightest stars has returned in Maggie Rogers with her latest album Surrender. After the massive critical success that was Heard It in a Past Life, we're here for it. A little background on the record, it was co-produced by Kid Harpoon and Rogers and recorded in three locations, her parents' garage in Maine, Electric Lady Studios in New York City, and Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios near Bath, England. Rogers is among the best we have in alt today, especially as a songwriter. She continues that success with Surrender.

Rogers is able to capture a burning fury of passion across twelve tracks that are pure alt-pop goodness. She's able to bring the sound up and step up the pace with burners like "Shatter" and she also can slow it down with tracks like "Begging For Rain". Every track on the album is must hear and that's not hyperbole. You have to listen to this album all the way through, Rogers doesn't ask for this, she demands it with the quality of these tracks.

I'm calling it here Surrender is going to continue to vault Maggie Rogers into crossover success beyond just the alt spectrum. She's already received mainstream attention in the past, but this album is going to make her a bona fide superstar and deservedly so. Rogers is head and shoulders above many in her peer group and Surrender just further displays that. Never say never, but Surrender is my early choice for 2022's Album of the Year.

Rating - 5/5

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