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Album Review: Magdalena Bay - 'Mercurial World Deluxe'

Updated: May 3, 2023

Part two of album review day. Yes, I know I waited until the last minute, but in my defense, I listened to both albums in advance. While I did not have Mercurial World Deluxe as long as I had Future Snacks, I listened to it a couple of times because I recently heard Soccer Mommy’s “Shotgun – Magdalena Bay Remix.” It helped build interest to really think about this album.

Secret 1

I’ve never written a review for a Deluxe album.

Secret 2 & 3

I love the idea of this album because I have something similar in mind with my short story collection debut. In fact, the thoughts were there before I released it: My debut was based on an LP by a band that will most likely release a deluxe or extended version.

How do I write this?

Do I act like this is its very own entity? Or do I state that a version of all the original 14 tracks are on it? Do I mention that the deluxe version is almost twenty-five minutes longer? Is that important?

Too many questions? I should just write what I’m thinking, right?

Secret 4 & 5

Madonna in “Mercurial World,” and Duo Lipa throughout the entire album. In fact, the Deluxe version reminds me of the Future Nostalgia structure. Yeah, ok. Maybe not. It’s been a minute since I’ve listened to it.

Some Pros

They have their transitions down.

I love “You Lose (8-bit),” and while the original is a very good song, the synth and strings version of “Prophecy” is perfect.

The addition of two new songs, “Unconditional” and “All You Do,” as well as a Spanish version of “Dominó.”

Some moments remind me of Brijean, which is always a good thing.

Secret 5

When I was on mushrooms a couple of weeks ago, Brijean’s album Angelo helped transport me back to reality when I had gone too far inward.

Some Cons

This album is not aggressive, and there isn’t foul language. Therefore, I say, Tu puedes escuchar este álbum CON cualquiera persona. That’s a lot of cons.

Some Thoughts

This duo is performing at Austin City Limits Music Festival. I hope this helps them get a larger audience because they deserve it. Their music is poppy and catchy but also playful and interesting. They have a great musical background, and their enthusiasm for making music shows in Mercurial World. As I stated earlier, you can listen to this album with anyone.

Final Thought

I will listen to Mercurial World when I need to fix my vibe, kinda like Brijean.

Favorite Songs: “Unconditional,” “Something for 2 (Cecile Believe Remix),” and “Prophecy (Synth & Strings)”

Rating - 4.9/5

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