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Album Review: Laura Jane Grace - 'Hole in My Head'

Laura Jane Grace is back with her aptly titled new album Hole in My Head which kicks off with the title track. It's a fast moving barn burner where Grace's vocals roar over ripping guitar riffs. It immediately signals to the listener that you need to buckle up, this is going to be one fast fucking ride. Hole in My Head was recorded at Native Sound in St. Louis, Missouri with David Beeman and mixed and mastered by Matt Allison.

There is something interesting at play on Grace's twelfth album release that she has been involved with. It contains tracks that feel like a throwback to 50's guitar riffs ("I'm Not a Cop") and there are others that have more acoustically inclined melodies ("Dysphoria Hoodie"). One thing that remains a constant throughout the album that hits on styles from call and response punk to the more traditionally aligned rock is Grace's vocals. Grace has such a distinct voice that when you hear it you immediately recognize it from it's snarl, bite, and flick of the tongue with fun wordplay.

Grace remains a popular figure in punk and music in general for good reason. She's a advocate that doesn't shy away from sharing her views to anyone. Hole in My Head is chock full of political statements, thoughts on the past, lost love, musings on dysphoria, just to name a few. She continues to show why she is a major force in music even in her solo work, which we love just as much, if not more than her stuff with Against Me!. Because she's had the opportunity to become her true self, and she's not apologizing to anyone. And we fucking love her for it.

Rating - 5/5

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