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Album Review - Kaylee Elizabeth: 'Playing with Fire'

(Photo Credit - Antonio Zaribi)

Album Review - Kaylee Elizabeth: Playing with Fire (June 11, 2021)

Kaylee Elizabeth bursts onto the scene with her debut LP Playing with Fire, that evokes comps to artists like Jenny Lewis, but holds a sound all its own. Deeply influenced by the music of Ireland, Elizabeth has honed into a sound that you'll be sure to dig. She credits Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan, and Glen Hansard as major influencers for her music, but her sound has a little something different to it than those artists.

Elizabeth's vocals poignantly bounce about over music that teeters between indie and folk. On the album, Elizabeth stated “The saying ‘playing with fire’ encapsulates the tension that this album holds for me,” she noted. "It also explores the fleeting and temporal nature of things and how realizing that delicacy gives perspective. This album shares my doubts, prayers, and gratitude of the last handful of years". Sonically, Playing with Fire pulls in a lot of emotion and circumstance, it oozes with emotion. So it's not surprising to hear Elizabeth describe it in the manner she did. While Elizabeth has experience in music as one part of the brother-sister duo The Native Sibling, this is her first solo venture. What she has come up with is tight, riveting, and true to the moment. Playing with Fire is well worth your time.

Rating - 4/5

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