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Album Review: K. Flay - 'MONO'

K. Flay spent a week in the summer of 2022 climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which was on her bucket list of experiences to have in her lifetime. A week later she would lose hearing in her right ear. Her doctors told her this would be permanent. At this time she questioned if she was going to make music again dealing with this setback.

K. Flay ultimately decided she had a fire to continue and brought that to her fifth studio album MONO. Whether it be the ripping guitar work in "Raw Raw" or her dynamic collaboration with Pierce the Veil on "Irish Goodbye", K. Flay flat out brings it on this album.

You can feel her renewed sense of purpose in the music. She's not taking anything for granted and she's laying it all on the line. On "Bar Soap" K. Flay sings "The future feels too real" a line she delivers with such tenacity we feel it from her heart. This album is absolutely heartfelt and you need to get your hands on it.

Rating - 5/5

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