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Album Review: Indigo De Souza - 'All of This Will End'

Uber talented singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza is back with her third album All of This Will End. The North Carolina based has really risen in the alt world since the release of her masterful second album Any Shape You Take. While Indigo previously stated that her music came from a place of chaos, she has a newfound peace. “Up until recently, my life felt chaotic...Now, so much of the chaos is behind me. I have an incredible community, I love where I live, and I’m surrounded by truly incredible people who are dedicated to deep connection and joy. My music feels like it's coming from a centered place of reflection.

The writing process for Indigo and her entire band clicked almost instantaneously. Indigo noted via press release. “We had such an organic energy flow and we felt really inspired by each other.” She also felt it was important for All of This Will End to refuse to let others infiltrate or shape what her songs sounded like and instead stayed true to herself.

For those that have followed Indigo's fast rising career All of This Will End features cover artwork by Kimberly Oberhammer (AKA Indigo's mother). Just like the album artwork from Indigo's previous works, this one is truly masterful. Indigo's already great guitar work has continued to grow as her melodies immediately connect with you on a soulful level and implore you to move.

The album ends with the heartfelt "Younger and Dumber" where Indigo has a conversation with her past self. In the meantime she manages to treat her younger self with class and grace. Somewhere in that, there's a lesson that maybe we can all take and treat ourselves with a little more grace every now and then. Get your hands on this one immediately, you're going to need it.

Rating - 5/5

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