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Album Review: Florist - 'Florist'

Updated: May 3, 2023

When describing their new self-titled album, Emily Sprague of Florist said via press release It’s a portrait of who we are as collaborators, as really long term friends and as extended family as well...We called it 'Florist' because this is not just my songs with a backing band, it’s a practice. It’s a collaboration. It’s our one life. These are my best friends and the music is the way that it is because of that.

Florist winds up being a winding nineteen track epic alt folky album full of instrumentals and longer laden tracks that are perfect to drift away to. The instrumentals on the album are short, but the tracks are long with fully formed songs such as "Spring in Hours" clocking in at 6:06. Florist keep the tempo even throughout the album, making sure not to raise the alarm bells too much with their melodies. In truth, I think of The Weepies when I hear Florist's complex melodies accompanied by Sprague's gentle vocals.

The band made it a point to have this album be their first self-titled because it reflected the shift in their organization as a group. That is perfectly captured sonically. Florist are able to achieve fresh sounding indie folk with this album and that's something always worth celebrating. Florist should only continue to see the group rise on the alt scene with their signature sound and fresh perspective on their craft.

Rating - 4.5/5

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