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Album Review: Far From Saints - 'Far From Saints'

Far From Saints is the collective talent of Stereophonics' Kelly Jones, The Wind and the Wave's Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker. Together they have created a unique fusion of Americana, rock, folk, and country. The band originally started when the group experimented on a cover of Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" on Jone's solo tour where Lynn and Dwight were openers. The trio soon began writing wherever they could and Far From Saints was born. The album was mixed by GRAMMY-nominated Al Clay (Blur, Pixies).

The band has a slight twang to it that can be heard on their track "Take it Through the Night", a rocker that has some Southern soul to it. Far From Saints have a pretty versatile sound where they can slow things down a bit as they do for the emotionally charged "Lets Turn This Back Around". The track is a great example of a slow burner that finally explodes near the end. Let's not get it twisted this isn't "Bud Light and trucks" country, but rather the genuine article. Evoking memories of past musicians, rather than the over ripe pop that country has now. If you're a fan of the older stuff (think John Prine), you'll like this. Rating - 4/5

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