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Album Review - Elke: 'No Pain for Us Here'

(Photo Credit - Zac Farro)

Album Review - Elke: No Pain for Us Here (September 24, 2021)

Elke (Kayla Graninger) is set to release her debut album No Pain for Us Here this Friday, September 24. The result is an eclectic mix of indie, pop, and art styles that play well for the listener. Graninger has clearly found her voice quite early on with this release.

Vocally, Elke lays on a layer of art-pop to her indie sound. She's a great vocalist and her voice pops with the indie pop sentiments on No Pain for Us Here. The melodies are typically upbeat, especially on tracks such as "RinseRepeat" and "In Las Vegas (She Was)". With each track having an element that just begs the listener to bop along to.

No Pain for Us Here is a mature and bright release for the up-and-coming Elke. We very much look forward to what the future brings her as we think it will be a bright one.

Rating - 3.75/5

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