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Album Review: Cherry Glazerr - 'I Don't Want You Anymore'

Opening Scene of I Don’t Want You Anymore

“Addicted To Your Love” plays in the background as a montage shows a solemn couple going through the course of an evening together. It is raining, and the people in the first shot are wearing layers of clothes. The camera closes in on the pair getting into an Uber. They arrive at a club, take shots with different groups of adults around the same age, dance, grab late-night Japanese from the Midnite Ramen food truck, and the couple ends the night having sex. As the song fades, the camera pulls away from the bed, showing two individuals turned away from each other.

Flashback to a Single Individual Meeting Up with Friends

One of the members of the couple arrives at an apartment. As they remove their coat, they try not to get anything too wet inside. More people show up, and the group recognizes that the weather is turning from summer to a cold, dreary autumn. It is not said out loud, but their irritation and disdain at the inconvenience of the rain is very telling. One person complains that their hands are freezing and burning at the same time, while another says that their feet are soaked and wants to go home to change. However, the group of twenty-some adults eventually make it to the club. Enter “Bad Habit” and dancing.

“Ready For You”

The main character is at the bar buying shots for their friends. As they turn to go back to their group, the other individual from the opening montage bumps into them, and all of the shots but two spill out. Annoyed at first, the main character offers one to the stranger, who then repurchases the round of shooters that both individuals take back to the original group.

“Touched You With My Chaos”

During this song, the couple first dances together. Although both of their groups are with them, the two individuals cannot keep their eyes off each other. “Soft Like a Flower” keeps the mood going as the groups do shots, laugh, and dance. “Sugar” is the ominous song as the newly paired couple decides to take an Uber home together. It continues as the couple sits on an extremely worn and used couch in a dimly lit living room. They take small hits from a vape pen and discuss the Seattle weather.


The pairing makes out. They are slightly clumsy together, but they laugh it off. Getting carried away, they have sex right there. Even though it feels like the session lasts a long time, both are drunk, high, and tired, and it is over by the time “Wild Times” comes on. As they spoon on the couch wrapped in a heavy blanket, the song lyrics and the moment go over their heads.

“Eat You Like a Pill”

An early-in-the-relationship montage shows the couple hanging out with lots of friends, dancing, shots, and sex. They are happy with the situation. However, it doesn’t last. Feelings get awkward after that new love high wears off, and real relationship problems begin. One or both sense the pairing isn’t what they initially thought it was. “Shattered.”

“I Don’t Want You Anymore”

The movie exit is similar to the opening; the couple is just going through the motions. The sad moment comes when they are lying in bed together back-to-back, and the main character shivers.

Final Thought: This year, I have written a lot about timing and album releases. I Don’t Want You Anymore is a great pre-Cuffing Season album. Sometimes, musicians try to pair a sound that contrasts the lyrics, but Cherry Glazerr does not do that. Instead, the emo, paced-down alt-rock music helps to further drive the emotions. Although this band is from Los Angeles, they capture the feeling of going into the cold, damp, grey autumn months.

Favorite Songs: “Bad Habit,” “Golden,” and “Eat You Like a Pill”

Rating - 4.8 out of 5 (for clean sound, catchy songs, and perfect release timing)

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