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Album Review: Bully - 'Lucky for You'

Bully (Alicia Bognanno) is back with her fourth studio release Lucky for You which drops everywhere Friday. It represents Bognanno's most raw release to date with her signature alt-rock sound pounding on each of the ten tracks on the record.

The album itself took about seven months to put together. Bognanno noted in a press release “I was freaking out about it at first, because taking my time was so new for me. But a few months in, I realized how crucial that time ended up being. I got songs out of it that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.” We can say the time put into the record was time well spent. The result is a record that focuses on love, grief, and loss.

This was punctuated by the loss of Bognanno's dog Mezzi who passed away, with tracks "Days Move Slow" especially focused on Mezzi. She also reflects on her three years of sobriety. Consequently, Bully's newest record is a tribute to staying the course in the face of adversity. This is something we feel like we can all relate to in these turbulent times.

Rating - 4/5

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