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Album Review: Beach Weather - 'Pineapple Sunrise'

Updated: May 3, 2023

Beach Weather are here with their full-length debut Pineapple Sunrise. They are a clever three-piece that like to disguise darker themes in sunshine filled guitar licks and melodies. On this Nick Santino (Vocals, Guitar) states: “I compare our band to a blacklight poster...You have to turn off the light and sit in full darkness to let the colors shine and see the bright side. We’re called ‘Beach Weather’, but we have a darker tint to our music. Even though we sound very bright and happy, the lyrics go deeper.” Deeper the lyrics do go, especially in their smash single "Unlovable".

Beach Weather's music is catchy enough to have arenas be singing along to their sugary sweet sound. We can only hope that the newly initiated pick up on the what lies beneath the bubble gum bright sound the band displays. The band also has another smash hit on their hands with "Sex, Drugs, Etc." which has gotten play on Netflix and a lot of activity on TikTok. All the while, the band never thought that particular track would be one fans would necessary latch onto. Santino stated via press release “We never thought ‘Sex, Drugs, Etc.’ would be the song people gravitate to...I can relate to the meaning of it personally. It’s about having anxiety. I don’t really go out. I’m not a big party guy. I’m the opposite; I’m a homebody. It’s amazing to see a lot of listeners identify with it.”

The band has a fresh sound that persists throughout the album that you'll be sure to love if you're into indie music. For a debut that was largely arranged by a band that was living in multiple states at the time when they put it together, it's an extremely strong effort. Give this one a listen, you're not going to want to miss out on what could be the next big thing.

Rating - 4.5/5

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