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Album Review: Band of Horses - 'Things Are Great'

Updated: May 4, 2023

One of our favorites, South Carolina's Band of Horses is back with their sixth studio album. Things Are Great is very much a "return to your roots" type album from the five-piece. The band is able to recapture some of their signature vocals and melodies, both of which they perfectly pair into a sweeping soundscape that captivates you from the first track and doesn't let go. Things Are Great is the band's first release since the 2017 departures of Tyler Ramsey and Bill Reynolds and I have to say, it did not impact the sound nearly as much as I thought it would.

"Tragedy at the Commons" especially captures the bands historic 2006-2016 run that began with Everything All the Time and ended with Why Are You OK. Here we are six years later and the band has again reminded us why we love them in the first place. Frontman Ben Bridwell's vocals are on point throughout the release.

In a press release, Bridwell mentions the album is about relationships: "This album tells a story of relationships. Personal relationships, my relationship. But I don't want to single anyone out". The band is especially apt at capturing the pain in relationships, such as on "Hard Times" and "You Are Nice to Me". Band of Horses has always hit just right when it comes to the anxieties of life.

What's there to say? After six long years one of favorite bands in music today is back with a stellar release. It would have been very easy to screw this one up with the departures of key personnel in Ramsey and Reynolds, but the band didn't miss a beat. I'm very much looking to get my copy of this on vinyl and I recommend you do too.

Rating - 5/5

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