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Album Review and Interview - Paul Jacobs: 'Pink Dogs on the Green Grass'

Advance Review - Paul Jacobs: Pink Dogs on the Green Grass (April 30, 2021)

I’m not lying when I tell you I was pleasantly surprised by this album. Paul Jacob’s newest record “Pink Dogs on the Green Grass” is an experimental masterpiece. Below is the transcript from Paul and I’s virtual interview. Take a look:

Q: You’ve been producing out of a studio environment and switched back to producing in your own home again. What was that transition like? What were the best/worst parts of recording at home?

I have recorded my last 4 albums at home, I like it more because I can work on stuff whenever I feel like it. The studio is cool but I feel like I’ve only been a drummer in a studio environment over my year.

Q: You mentioned that you really took your time with this album. How long did it take you to produce form start to finish?

That’s hard to say because things came during certain periods. I just took my time without worrying about writing an album, by the time I buckled down and started creating finished products it took about 6 months maybe.

Q: This album is extremely complex and diverse, which must have taken extreme concentration and flow of new ideas. Do you have any secrets for avoiding writer’s block?

I just go with it, If i don’t feel like I’m creating anything good I’ll just go do something else. I guess just don’t force it.

Q: What’s your personal favorite track on the album and why?

I might like Day to Day because it’s fun to play on an acoustic guitar.

Q: What are you hoping listeners will take away from this album? Is there any kind of underlying message?

I just hope it makes people feel good, maybe it will become personal to people. I hope it’s just a fun listen.

Q: What was the selection process like for choosing tracks to be on this album from your 40-something demo collection? Were there any close cuts you wish would have made it onto the record?

I feel like that part took the longest, I messed around with track listing for a bit. I don’t regret any decisions made and I still have the cuts to rework for use in the future.

Q: The album is titled, “Pink Dogs on the Green Grass”, but the cover you designed has pink dogs in what seems to be yellow grass. Is there any type of symbolic reason for this?

I guess I would say the grass is always greener on the other side… to me it’s pretty green on the cover, haha.

And here are my immediate, wacky thoughts as I listened my way through the record.

  1. "Christopher Robbins": Smooth as silk, psychedelic. Steady, but progressive; kept me interested. Flavorful. All the right sugar & spices. No other way to describe it except as a delicious tune.

  2. "Day to Day": Paul is one of those great artists who start small and never grow big enough to what they really deserve. So quality, so well composed. Tight and clean. This will be part of the alt rock classics of 2021. It’s really special when you find an artist who is truly genreless, like this one.

  3. "Half Rich Loner": Evolving; strategically crafted. Every one of these songs holds a unique story. I feel like I’m watching a movie at the same time as listening to this album. Experimental. The percussion on this project is impeccable. Really, I mean it.

  4. "Most Delicious Drink": All I have to say is, I’ll be personally offended if this album does not get the recognition it deserves.

  5. "Cherry": I’ve never tripped acid, but but if I ever do, I 100% know for a fact this song will start playing in my head.

  6. "Underneath the Roses": Swaying, beachy little tune. I simply can’t wait for this release just so I can send it to my friends.

Rating: 4.5/5

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