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Advance Review - Waxahatchee: 'Saint Cloud'

(Photo Credit - Molly Matalon)

Advance Review - Waxahatchee: Saint Cloud (March 27, 2020)

Waxahatchee (Katie Crutchfield) returns after the release of her 2018 EP Great Thunder. Waxahatchee's release of Saint Cloud comes at a time where her rich indie folk sound is desperately needed. We're all in from the get go.

The album blasts off with the duo of "Oxbow" and "Can't Do Much". Both of which are chock full of good vibes wrapped in indie folk stylings. They're definitely toe tappers and are a strong way to start the album. Despite their bright melodies, both deal with deep subject matter as "Oxbow" masterfully tangles with the feeling of longing. "Can't Do Much" creatively addresses love gone wrong, where one feels neglected emotionally.

Saint Cloud is a careful self examination, especially around issues of addiction and the impact it can have on one's self and those around you. Crutchfield most clearly tackles these issues on "Fire", a love song written to herself. Crutchfield again addresses issues of romantic love on both "Hell" and "The Eye".

Saint Cloud is a reflective autobiography of sorts. It's emotionally raw and riveting. Crutchfield examines her past experiences with a delicate touch. However, she also looks to a fresh start from those experiences. Thematically rich and melodically golden, Saint Cloud is a winner on all fronts and is must-listen stuff.

Rating - 4.5/5

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