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Advance Review - The Postal Service: 'Everything Will Change'

(Photo Credit - Autumn De Wilde / Sub Pop)

Advance Review - The Postal Service: Everything Will Change (December 4, 2020)

Ben Gibbard, Jimmy Tamborello, and Jenny Lewis, AKA the enigmatic band The Postal Service have again teased us with the release of their live album Everything Will Change. The band continually swears they are done making music, yet here we are again with something new to talk about from the group. It's hard to believe that the group's debut (and only studio) album Give Up came out in 2003. The addition of Lewis completed the supergroup and fans have always been left wanting more. Well fans will get a bit of want they want with the December 4 release of Everything Will Change.

Everything Will Change is a remaster of the live tracks from the documentary of the same name released in 2014. The sixteen track set is a live capsule into what made the band tick and is for many the only opportunity to see The Postal Service live. While the tracks may have been previously released, they still pop off the album with the same enthusiasm as Give Up did. In short, there's something special about this band. It could be that it combines three uber-talented musicians into an alt supergroup that is hard to challenge from a skill perspective, it could be that the band's music is so damn special, or maybe it's that they always leave us wondering what could be. Nevertheless, Everything Will Change is a welcome addition to the 2020 release calendar. The live editions of favorites from the band as well as a couple of covers thrown in for good measure represent what live albums are all about. It perfectly showcases how the band interpret their music and give it to their audience in an live setting.

I might be a broken record, but Everything Will Change leaves me wanting those missing albums from The Postal Service that never got made. But, I'll consider myself lucky with what we have and take it from there. This is a can't miss live release from some of alt's best musicians. Give it a listen as soon as you can.

Rating - 5/5

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