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Advance Review - Reptaliens: 'Wrestling'

Advance Review - Reptaliens: Wrestling (November 6, 2020)

If you’ve ever wondered what being abducted by aliens would sound like, look no further than Portland based Reptalien’s newest EP Wrestling, set for release on November 6th via Captured Tracks. The well thought out combination of vocals and instrumentals create the perfect mixture of synth pop with an underlying dark energy. There’s a strange contrast between the vibes this release creates, in wanting to relax into the music and be care-free but somehow you feel as if you should be looking over your shoulder while doing so.

To even further this point, the latest single released from the EP “Taking” was released with a full lyric video set with the background of the burning sky of Oregon during this year’s wildfires. Bambi and Cole Browning, founding duo, state, “The video was shot crossing the California/Oregon border a month ahead of the single release. The chaos that wildfires have brought to the west coast seemed to encompass the visual juxtaposition between darkness and light that nature brings”. As a fellow Portland resident, it is easy to say that the Reptaliens have somehow created the soundtrack to the sky literally being on fire, a task few others are talented enough to do. 

Rating - 4/5

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