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Advance Review - Porridge Radio: 'Every Bad'

(Photo Credit - El Hardwick)

Advance Review - Porridge Radio: Every Bad (March 13, 2020)

I go on record today, Tuesday, March 10th, 2020, stating that Porridge Radio should be on everyone’s “To Watch” list.

I demand you listen to their newest album, Every Bad, dropping this Friday. Friday the 13th for all my spooky devils out there.

Porridge Radio came into my sights when a coworker and mine were chatting about punk music while equally dogging on our other coworkers. We were gloating over PUP’s DVP when I started mentioning how I was really starting to enjoy female lead groups. He mentioned Porridge Radio’s song/video “Sweet”. Not only is this song my favorite off of their new album, it’s my favorite music video to come out this year. It’s very simplistic in production but director Sam Hilscox and Director of Photography Harry Wheeler create an experience into the psyche of Porridge Radio. Be warned, the camaraderie of the band is just as adorable as the stuffed animals and ball pit balls being thrown in the very last scene.

While the “Sweet” video came out earlier this year, this was precursored by the video/single release of “Lilac”. After falling down the rabbit hole of Porridge Radio, I came across this video and was pleasantly surprised by how familiar it was. To say “Lilac” isn’t on the same level as Tennis’ “Need Your Love” video release would just be plain wrong. What’s exceptional as well about Porridge radio is they used two completely different creative teams for “Sweet” and “Lilac”. Not only do they progress the genre of Pop/Punk, they bring new people together constantly, helping add something to their own vision.

The main theme received from this album is that there is a lot of turmoil going on inside Dana Margolin. The rise and swell of the tides of the coast of her hometown, Brighton, are instilled within her, just as they live within Every Bad. I’ve never liked the idea that an artist’s misery is a fan’s pleasure, but it must be said that whatever Margolin is feeling, she’s excelled Porridge Radio to a more mature sound. Her shaving her head in the video for “Sweet” wasn’t a cry for help- It was a “Piss off! This is who I am!”

I give this rocking album a solid 4 out 5. I know it’ll grow on me as I listen to it more.

To any of my Midwest or East Coast friends- I’m considering hauling it to New York to see Porridge Radio at Zone One, Elsewhere, Monday March 23rd.

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