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Advance Review - Palberta: 'Palberta5000'

(Photo Credit - Chloe Carrasco)

Advance Review - Palberta: Palberta5000 (January 22, 2021)

NYC-based trio Palberta are back with a new LP titled Palberta5000 and it's a refreshing release. Their sound on Palberta5000 blends traditional indie with elements of garage in a unique way that I haven't heard since The Violent Femmes. The album clocks in with 16 tracks, averaging around 2:00 minutes long a piece. What Palberta doesn't offer in length of their songs, they more than make up with quality.

What stands out most about Palberta's music is the dynamic three-part harmonies they compose vocally. They are present on most of the tracks on the album and are fresh compared to what else is out there now. Additionally, their prominent bass lines present really beef up the rhythm of their sound. At times their pace reaches a fever pitch and can seem to take off like a bullet. At other points, Palberta takes a slower measured approach. No matter how they present their sound, it's abundantly clear that everything is methodically and deliberately composed.

If you're an indie fan or a fan of more frantic paced garage rock, you'll be sure to dig Palberta5000. Palberta's quick melodies jump off the album at you and sink their teeth in. Vocally, their three-part harmonies are so unique, they hook you as well. Palberta5000 is another leap forward for the NYC trio that has already done some great things.

Rating - 4/5

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