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Advance Review - Mt. Joy: 'Rearrange Us'

(Photo Credit - Stay Loose)

Advance Review - Mt. Joy: Rearrange Us (June 5, 2020) on Dualtone Records

Mt. Joy is back with Rearrange Us after their self-titled release back in 2018. Though to be truthful, it never feels like Mt. Joy has really left in the ensuing time. They have definitely carved a space for themselves on the alt scene by headlining tours, supporting The Lumineers, and also gaining support from friends of the site Wilderado. That said, Rearrange Us comes at a perfect time, given the uncertainty of our times right now, Mt. Joy's laid back mix of alt and folk stylings is just what we need right now.

What's abundantly clear is that Mt. Joy certainly haven't lost a step on Rearrange Us. It's filled to the brim with their signature folk-rock sound, great guitar work, and their immensely catchy lyrics. Mt. Joy fly high on tracks like "Rearrange Us", "Let Loose", and "Death". They also can take a somber tone with tracks like "Every Holiday" and "Witness". Musically, Mt. Joy are head and shoulders above many of their contemporaries given the complexity of their arrangements, the instrumentation, etc. When they really get going on a melody, there aren't many newer acts that can hold a candle to them.

Rearrange Us is a winner from start to finish. It's highly listenable, without a skippable track on the album. Consequently, I cannot wait to hear it on vinyl. Give them a little time, but these tracks will grow on you in a similar manner that the songs from Mt. Joy did. They take some chances on this one, but they pay off.

Rating - 4.5/5

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