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Advance Review - MOURN: 'Self Worth'

(Photo Credit - Cristian Colomer Cavallari)

Advance Review - MOURN: Self Worth (October 30, 2020)

I hadn’t had the pleasure of hearing anything by Spanish rockers Mourn, but getting the chance to hear their new album Self-Worth shows I’ve been missing out.

It’s a mix of heavily 1990s influenced indie and punk that works best when it gets as loud as possible. The band have also taken one of the most important credos of punk to heart: keep the songs as short as possible.

I genuinely enjoyed every track, but the highlights for me were: opener "This Feeling is Disgusting" which starts quietly but quickly becomes a great punk track in the traditional sense, the thrashing guitars and drums are on point and while the vocal is messy, it sounds just right for the song. "Call You Back" which has something of a ‘90s indie feel, think Sleeper or Elastica. I wasn’t expecting something so languid, especially so early on in the album (it’s the second track), but it’s a cool tune and a similar sound runs through "Men" (although this one is harder edged with some lovely guitar work going on) and "House Hold".

"Gather Really" sounds a lot like The Smiths, certainly in the intro and "Stay There" is another great crashing punk tune, so it’s an eclectic mix of an album.

Overall, it’s a great album which articulates exactly the level of anger and frustration that I am sure most of us are feeling for a whole variety of reasons in the bizarre world we find ourselves in here in 2020.

I wouldn’t say there is a bad track on the album, but I definitely like them best when they are at their punkiest. The looseness of the vocal delivery works better here than on the more indie influenced tracks.

I’m going to check out their previous work right now and look forward to the possibility of seeing them tour sometime next year. Mourn are definitely a band to watch out for. Self Worth is released on 30th October.

Rating - 4/5

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