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Advance Review - MISSIO: 'Can You Feel the Sun'

(Photo Credit - Alexandra Thomas)

Advance Review - MISSIO: Can You Feel the Sun (October 23, 2020)

Austin, Texas alternative superstars MISSIO are back with their third album, Can You Feel the Sun. This release comes just a year after their last album, The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man. Can You Feel the Sun was recorded in Austin, at Matchbox Studios and is produced by the band and Dwight A. Baker.

According to singer/songwriter Matthew Brule, the inspiration for Can You Feel the Sun came from their European tour and seeing how well their music translated oversees. David Butler, (multi-instrumentalist and engineer) also emphasized how much he and Matthew are in love with the creative process and also added that the band was hoping to get back to playing live music soon.

What is apparent thematically from Can You Feel the Sun is that MISSIO are clearly exploring their belief systems and questioning things they may have taken for granted in the past. We know this from the lyrics on the album and our conversation we had with Matthew and David, you can find that interview here. The album also touches on issues of mental health, but they also focus on what you can do about mental health concerns like depression or anxiety. They do this on the album and on a near weekly basis with their some of their #F*ckItThursday episodes. What's important is that MISSIO's fans, the MISSIO Mafia has also sought out to support one another under the MISSIO umbrella, helping one another when they're struggling.

Lyrically and musically, Can You Feel the Sun is full top-to-bottom with songs you'll absolutely love. Some of our favorites included the singles "Can You Feel the Sun", "Wolves", and "Don't Forget to Open Your Eyes", as well as "Cry Baby" (feat. Paul Wall), "We All Burn to the Ground", and "Day Dreaming". But to be honest, this is one we just started and let roll, that's really the best way to take in Can You Feel the Sun. The album continues the band's tradition of seeking out A-list collaborations including Esoteric of Czarface and Paul Wall. We know one thing, MISSIO doesn't play when it comes to recruiting top talent to work with, especially from the hip-hop community. Simply put, Can You Feel the Sun may be MISSIO's best release to date, though it is hard to compare them. Despite this, Can You Feel the Sun has emerged from a crowded field into one of the frontrunners for 2020's album of the year. What's evidently clear is that MISSIO are among the best artists in the alt community and if you haven't stood up and taken notice, you need to.

Rating - 5/5

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