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Advance Review - Michigander: 'Everything Will Be OK Eventually’

(Photo Credit - Kris Herrmann)

Advance Review - Michigander: Everything Will Be OK Eventually (March 19, 2021)

Up and coming alt artist Michigander (Jason Singer) is back with his third EP, Everything Will Be OK Eventually. The EP starts off with the infectiously catchy "Better". Here Singer drives the momentum of the track with effects laden guitar, it's truly an indie bopper. "Let Down" is a similarly bright track, at least musically. Lyrically, it tells a tale of love and high hopes that Singer sings "Yeah I got high hopes, I got high hopes

But they let me down, oh, they usually let me down, yeah". The contrast between melody and lyrical theme is extremely well done.

Singer slows things down with "Headlights" but has several instances of booming vocal deliveries throughout. It's a heartfelt track that will stick to you as you're listening. Everything Will Be OK Eventually represents continued growth for Singer and his band. They've already shared stages with acts such as Mt Joy, Hippo Campus, Silversun Pickups and Tokyo Police Club, so clearly Michigander's profile is growing. I believe Everything Will Be OK will continue this trend and bring Michigander deservingly to new heights.

If you're looking for catchy indie tunes that are sure to make you move, Michigander has it for you in spades on Everything Will Be OK Eventually. If you're looking for heartfelt lyrical themes that will be sure to hit you, you've found it here (I especially loved "Together"). For a six song EP there's not a bad tune in the bunch and you can play this one straight through with confidence. This music is exciting and I'm excited to see where Michigander goes from here.

Rating - 5/5

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