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Advance Review - Melkbelly: 'PITH'

(Photo Credit - Ariella Miller)

Advance Review - Melkbelly: PITH (April 3, 2020)

“THC” – That sativa that makes your friend paranoid AF! High anxiety inducing, high energy but with that nostalgic “weedy” flavor.

“Sickening Teeth” – The title and the music (I liked the movement.) made me think of an Athens’ legend, Dirty Curtie, who dropped out of high school to play music and bragged about never brushing his teeth. However, the end of the sound took me to some very early Pink Floyd. Listen and tell me if you can hear it.

“LCR” – I like the focus on the vocals in this song. There is something in her voice that reminds me of Lady Gaga. I am imagining each covering songs written by the other. Ha! I think both could do it extremely well. Also, LCR could mean a lot of different things. I like thinking the song is about Leucocyanidin Reductase.

“Little Bug” – This made me think about my daughter. I hope she is listening to good music.

“Human Heart” – This is a stretch, but I am thinking about the summer of 1995. Hole. Bush. and Mudhoney.

“Kissing Under Some Bats” – Surfer Punk. This is my favorite from the album. I like the pace, the progression, and the last five minutes. This would be killer to see live. And of course, it is the longest song on the album. Perfect for me.

“Season Of The Goose” – This song is more melodic than the previous song, but it stays with the pace.

“Mr. Coda” – I did not have an opinion of this song until the thirty second mark. At that point, I really began listening.

“Stone Your Friends” – If the first song is sativa, this song is a heavy indica. It makes me feel uncomfortably heavy and strangely sedated, though I am also extremely anxious. ‘Please don’t talk to me right now. And stop asking if I am ok.’

“Take H2O” – The drums in this song reminds me of rhythmic drip of rain from a maple tree onto a tin roof, which is strange because that’s what I sleep to and this song does not make me want to fall asleep. “Flatness” – This song does a great job representing the title. It is a good one to end the album on.

Final Thought: This band will continue to build its audience, especially when they are able to start touring again.

Favorite songs: “Little Bug,” “Kissing Under Some Bats,” and “Mr. Coda.”

Rating - 3.5 out of 5

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