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Advance Review - Love Fame Tragedy: 'Live from SIR, Hollywood'

(Photo Credit - Kate Biel)

Advance Review - Love Fame Tragedy: Live from SIR, Hollywood (April 17, 2020)

When I was sent Live from SIR, Hollywood I was excited to hear Wombat's singer/guitarist Matthew “Murph” Murphy's live cut take on some songs from his solo project Love Fame Tragedy. Having seen Murphy perform live with The Wombats in the past, I would say my expectations were high.

Live from SIR, Hollywood represents Murphy at his best. It's full of raw and fresh takes on some of Love Fame Tragedy's hits, as well as new stuff from his recent EP Five Songs to Briefly Fill the Void. This collection of songs and their performance is more endearing with each listen. For Love Fame Tragedy completists, they'll love it. But I think this collection also appeals to the uninitiated as well. It's chock full of Murphy doing his best vocals, including killing a number of great falsetto offerings. What's even better about Murphy's ability with his falsetto is knowing that these are live cuts that do not have the same level of hands-on production that typical studio albums do.

It's tough to choose, but if you put a gun to my head, my favorite performance on the EP is "Riding A Wave". There's just something about this particular version of the track that sticks for me. The melody and vocals are true to the original, with just enough of a twist to make it unique. I think it's probably my favorite Love Fame Tragedy track overall, which is high praise. So with all this said, I think this collection of takes by Love Fame Tragedy is so worth your time, they're fun, they're fresh, and crisp. Give 'em a listen, you won't regret it.

Rating - 5/5

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